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Anime and Manga Club!

 Today I joined and Anime and Manga Club, at the local library! Besides the women running the group, I am the oldest person there, I kind of new this was going to happen after all the club was being amid at

Teenagers. However anime and manga isn’t just for kids, so if fit in very well. Now I just have to find out when the group will be meeting, so that I can request that time off from work.

So much anime, so little money

I just finished watching the first four episodes of Black Blood Brothers and I can’t wait to see more! Sadly I will only be able to see new episodes as they come out in Japan, since the fan-subs are still incomplete. This anime is also available though FUNimation and I am probably going to buy it when I have some spare cash.

I am also watching Full Metal Panic, another FUNimation title, I also want to get my hands on it in the form of a box set! This is going to be very expensive since Black Blood Brothers is being relied in to or more box sets and Full Metal Panic is told in three parts.

Ether way I am going to need a job that pays extremely well, if I am going to support half of the anime that I know and love.


I finally got my laptop back today ^_^

Meeting my mom’s friends daughter went a lot better then I thought it would. Basically I made a new friend. ^_^

Anyway I will have more of an update when I am feeling more awake

Laptop Blues

My Laptop is eather in the shop or on its way to Best Buy, I am hoping to see my laptop again on the 19th.

Not much has been going on, but work has been very frustrating and I have been thinking about looking for work some were else. I will right more on this when I have a spell cheeker on hand, dumb libary computers don't have speel cheekrs on them!


Shanghai Knights

Oh there are a few movies that I want to see, so my reveiw blog will probably conist of the fallowing in the next few days.

Shanghai Noon


I also wont to wright a review for a podcast called Roten Fruitcakes.


Random Stuff

I am still in the process of slowly rebuilding my story notes. This has proven to be an interesting process, since the world I am working with is still growing and evolving before my eyes. I have even begun to work out some of the kinks that seemed to be holding the first set of stories back. Now I have to over come my Achilles heal as an aspiring writer, organization. Honestly that is the one thing that seems to get me every time, true my abilities with spelling and punctuation leave a lot to be desired. But I would like to improve my organizational skills and get something written, then I can use it to work out the kinks in my other abilities or lack there of.

Today I went to see Horton Hears A Who, with a friend, I found the movie to be quite enjoyable and extremely witty. I will be writing down my thoughts on it and posting them just as soon as my laptop is working properly again.

I also ended up watching the Born Ultimatum, with my brother and sister. I enjoyed the movie, however I think it will make more sents once I see the first two movies and re-watch it.

I am planning on taking my laptop to Best Buy on Monday so that the Geek Squad can look at it again. That is if the virus scan that I am running, doesn’t end before the limited battery power runs out. I am hoping that I am able to find out what is wrong soon, after all I just took my laptop in to be looked at a little over a week ago.

My Glitchy Laptop

I think the new part I got for my laptop is defective, its kind of annoying since I want to finish watch Full Metal Panic. The Anime Round Table And Review is going to be talking about it this Sunday and I would like to start keeping up with the anime they are reviewing so that I know what is going on.

So I will probably only be online a few times a month, when I can get to the library, or when I can figer out what on earth is going on with my laptop.


 I don’t know how or why, but the meeting at the Art Museum was a success! I have found a new friend, who shares my love of the theater among other things!

Oh I also saw a killer blood chilling performance of the play Dracula!

I would say more, but its getting late and I have an anime to marathon tomorrow!

Last year mom tried to get me to make friends with the daughter of one of her and dad’s friends, it didn’t exactly work out. I just have too many memories of making friends in that way and then watching it blow up in my face. So why am I writing about this? Because, mom is trying to do this all over again, that is right in a few days I am going to be meeting with the same girl that it didn’t work out with in the first place. I don’t understand why my mom feels the need to do this, I have told her that I like making friends in my own way.

I know that my mom means well, but is it so wrong to want to make friends with out her help? I have never had very many friends an am very happy with the ones that I do have. I have nothing against making a new friend, but I would rather randomly stumble across some one. For some reason that method of making friends seems to work the best for me, rather then having to meet someone just because someone else wants me too.

Oh well with any luck this won’t be a complete disaster.

Apr. 26th, 2008

I finally got a three day weekend and on Friday night it started snowing. So today I ended up staying inside, reading and marithoning Claymore. I also wrote my review for Claymore and posted for anyone who is interested.

I am also reading a book called 1984 and will probably review it as well, however that probably will not happened until some time next month or so. Its just not the kind of book that can be read quickly, its wonderfully written and all, but very depressing .

My laptop is back!

his time I was only separated from my laptop, for a week and one day. So now I have an entire week of stuff to catch up on. It also looks like there are going to be several days of prime biking weather, so I will probably be spending a lot of time out side. 

Oh, I am also working on a besieging for my first story! I am not exactly sure how its going to end yet, but I have some ruff ideas.