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Do to some information I have just stumbled across on

of cores I am going to try to find information, from people who don’t agree with the boycott of the 2008 Olympics. I just thing that it is very important to get both sides of the story and find out where the other side is coming from.

I am so discussed by what I have found so far, that I don’t think I will be watching the Olympic games this year. Instead I might pick an anime to marathon, see if I can go out with a friend, or do something with my family.

http://www/youtube.com I am gathering information on the relationship between China and Tibet, along with reasons to boycott the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing China. I haven’t found very much yet, but most of what I have found points towards the operation and genocide of the Tibetan people. I have also found some very unpleasing anti-Chinese propaganda, however I haven’t had time to look at them context yet. I don’t know what else I am going to learn, but I am anticipating a lot of depressing information where human rights are consumed.
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