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September 23rd, 2004

This is the second gray and over cast day that we have had hear in Moorhead this week, it has also been raining on and off for a few days. Not exactly the way that I was hopping to start fall; personally I would like to see a little more sunlight.
Or at least some decent weather for going for a walk or playing out side, I don’t like gloomily weather. It means that I have to remember to sit under my therapy light.

But other then that things seem to be going well, I finally got some music flies form my roommate, one of them is Love Letter From China, the other song is Miaw form Aya Hisakawa (that might be the anime or the person who sings it I am not sure)

I also got a new hat and a 2005 calendar at the bookstore on campus; I had better not lose that hat. I have gone though at last three of them, this one being my third. It’s white with the MSUM dragon on it, sweetness I love dragon that is when they are not destroying everything in sight and caring off damsels. That calendar pity is cool to it fetchers the work of Ching-Mao Hsueh a Chinese painter his work is beautiful and simple. I wish that I had a scanner so that I could display some of his artwork on my journal.

Lately I have been reading The Fairy Queen for Major British Writers and so far I have been loving it, The way that Edmund Spenser puts his words to gather is nothing short of amazing. The poem seems to flow off of the page and into my mind panting pictures as the threads are woven in my minds loom.

Online quizzes are fun, fun, fun!

Yah I am one of the cute characters! Oh this would make such a nice avitar!

theOtaku.com: What Inuyasha Hero Are You?</font