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September 27th, 2004

Well to day I had the opportunity to attend a Zane Williams concert in the CMU at Minnesota Stat University Moorhead. His music is unique and thoughtful one of my favorite quotes from a song of his is “what’s so good about being normal?” I hung around for a few minuets after the concert and actually got to shack his hand! I would have hung around a little longer but there are some other things that I would like to get accomplished to day.
Anyway he is trying to get into country music in Nashville and I hope that he is able to do that. I am one of the hopeful young people who will be looking for him on CMT (Country Music Today)
Anyway I have message boards to check and homework to do, so that I can hopefully find time to attend a tack on cloning later today. But if anyone finds this journal and is interested in learning more about Zane Williams hear is a link to his web site http://zane@zanesadventure.com/index.html