September 29th, 2004



My dorm room is on the first floor right next the bally ball court, usually this isn’t a probably. But to day some sadistic people have decide to hold a bally ball game, with the music blaring right out side of my window! The dormitories have paper-thin walls; well anyway that’s what it seems like.
I have homework and I don’t feel well, at the moment I am thinking about filling a complaint or something. Some of the other residents in my dormitory have a tendency to play their music annoyingly lode, but this tacks the cake.
There are some things that I would riley like to do tonight, like start putting a world together for one of my stories or do some online gaming, or find out if irish_brigid is almost done making an avatar for me. But at the moment it looks like I will be laying down and restraining myself from doing terrible things to the people outside of my window.
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    Random songs that are being played out side of my window