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October 1st, 2004

He he he too much free time!

You would think that as a collage student I would spend more time studding and focusing on important stuff like that. Well I normally do, but some times all that my brain is good for is lisaning to music watching TV or surfing the web.
These are some of my faveri places to go”

Awake and Dreaming http://awake-and-dreaming.com/Forum/index.php
Fantasy writing http://com1.runboard.com/bfantasywriting
Hanyou/Youkai/Tajou?Miko/Houshi/KitsuneTable http://com4.runboard.com/bhanyouyoukaitaijoumikohoushikitsune
Dark Age and Medieval History http://com3.runboard.com/bdarkageandmediaevalhistory
Neopets: http://www.neopets.com/petcentral.phtml
NeonDragonArt.com http://neondragonart.com/ts/
The Hive http://scaleskin.proboards32.com/

And this is only the tip of the ice burg, maybe I should start cutting back?