October 3rd, 2004


My Day

My day started at about 6:34, I would have preferred to have sleaped (sp) in until about 7:00 or maybe 8:00. But I had offered to help out at St. Jose’s, so there was not getting out of it. I spent a little over an owear (sp) there seating tables, filling glasses with tang, and coffee cups with syrup (apparently the church had run out of proper containers to put syrup in) then I came back home, after having briefest with some other people, who where also helping out at the church.
After I came home I checked my e-mail and some other web sites, I will not be doing anything major online (like posting this journal entry) until I am back on campus. At the moment I have to work on my paper for Major British writers, if all goes well that should only take me a few owears (sp). I am looking foreword to getting back on campus and watching cartoons and surfing the net

Well I am back on campus.

Thankfully my friend was able to record the shows for me, so now I can look forward to several howrs (sp) of anima.
The internet connection that I am sharing with my room mate is being a pain in the neck and ever time that it starts acting up my room mate says, shisnit (it sound like she is swearing over and over again) it starts to get externally annoying after a while. Why doesn’t she just say bloody or something like that?

I have also been trying to make a friend of mine a moderator on my message board, Inuyasha’s Haven, but for some reson it seems like that is going to be near imposable, oh joy.
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