October 8th, 2004


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For the past three nights I haven’t been getting enough sleep, and its starting to show. My consideration is at an all time low, its seems like all that my mind is good for is surfing the web. I have manage to fall behind in the reading for Manger British Writers again, and I like the story that we are reading!
So fare my greatest accomplishments has been finding some new skins for my winamp player and down loading some more anime music. This isn’t good, I am hear to learn things not manger in web surfing.
Maybe I will be able to get something accomplished tonight at the moment I think that I will try to take a nap again, the first time I nearly fell asleep and then the phone rang. Are
Teal- marketers physic or something, do they always have to call people at the wrong times? And then they never seem to let you get off of the phone, not wanting that to happen I just hung up.
Well with any luck I will get to sleep at a decent time tonight, decent as in before 1:00 in the morning.
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You are most like Starfire. A bit clumsy and
innocent, you're lucky you have friends or who
knows what would happen to you. You are
excessively happy which sometimes gets on
others' nerves. You tend to be too polite for
your own good sometimes which may be depicted
as snobbish. You are very nice and
compassionate but you aren't afraid to let
others know when you're mad, it is more of a
bodily sign mostly in the eyes. You love light
and try to cheer up that one gloomy person but
it is like night and day. You can't help it
though. You tend to be a charity case and try
to help others feel less gloomy and
inadvertently make it worse. You are drawn to a
certain person and you are a bit...well a tad
and a bit eccentric and odd. But don't worry
it's your quirks that people like about you!

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Weeeeeeeeeeee! Some how I new that I was going to get her!
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