October 17th, 2004


My First Attempt At A Fanfic

This is my first attempt at a fanfic, but I am hoping that what I have so far is alright. I can’t what until I have time to work on it a little more, but right now a feel like lying down and taking a nap. Note to self, do not stay up until the 2:00 o’clock hower watching cartoons! Even if it means seeing Inuyasha twice! Sleep is very, very important!

Anyway these are the characters that are important to the first parts of the fanic, I hope that you all enjoy this.

Naraku: the supreme ruler of Japan

Izumi: an incarnation of Naraku who represents and controls water

Kohaku: Sango and Miroku’s son
Kirara: Kohaku’s pet cat demon

Haru: Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter, she inherited the Tetsusaiga form her father

Shippou: Haru’s caretaker, he is all grown up and taking care of Haru and Kohaku.


Naraku sat idol in his castle looking out over his empire thought the looking glass on the wall and taping his fingers on his thrown everything had been going well sints Inuyahsa’s death, the others had died soon after except for Shippou and he was only a miner anoints.
Things where going just as he had planed now there was only one person that could posable get in his way, the boy Kohaku. But like the monk Miroku the boy would eventually fall victim to the family cures. And even if the boy tried to kill him this boy would be no match for him.
Izumi entered Naraku’s chambers with out a sound, she was a black haired women with blue eyes She was wearing a red and white kimono with wave blue lines on her checks.. Naraku tuned to face her.
“Inuyasha daughter is still alive, you should have killed her when you had the chants.”
“Patients I have planes for Haru after all I did defeat her old man didn’t I?”
Izumi nodded. “Now go and find her.”
“Vary well master.” She left Naraku’s chambers.
Izumi left the castle and started on her way.
“He is being foolish, but I will let my master have his fun with the girl.”


Haru unsheathed the Tetsusaiga and looked down at the battered blade, the sword had been conditioned by her grandfather and past on to her by her father. The sword had saved her life more times then she could count, but she had still failed to master the techniques that her father had tried to teach her before Naraku had murdered him and her mother. She returned Tetsusaiga to its sheath after swinging the untransformed bladed and when back in side.
Shippou was sleeping with his back against the wall she sat down across form him and gased into the fire that was burning in the hearth. Kohaku would be back as soon as he was done with the exersium in a near by village. Haru smiled she never new how Shippou had managed to rais both her and Kohaku, but he had managed and he had doen a wonderful job.
She unsheathed her sword and ran her fingers across the blaid, it was useless Shippou new that she never slept when she was human and her sword was going to be completely useless until sunrise. She looked out of the door Kohaku still wasn’t back; she started to swing her sword uneasily. The exersium should have been taking him so long; she put her sword away and watched the flames dance. Her eyelids where slowly staring to become hevar and soon she was drifting off to sleep.
The next thing that Haru new Kirara was licking her face she opend her eyes and saw Kohaku. She fround and put Kirara on the floor next to her.
“It took you long enough!”
“Naraku’s men where every where, I had to be espesly careful this time. Or would you prefer if I had come back dead?”
Haru roiled her eyes at him. “You do realize that we are going to have to face Naraku and his medians sooner or later.”
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