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October 19th, 2004

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My beast friend is sick and apparently she is only getting worse and there isn’t anything that I can do except prey and hop that she gets better soon.
At the moment I feel way to depressed to do my homework, I have a quiz to start preparing for in Japanese culture, a paper to start thinking about in Manger British writers and a work seat to do for Matter and Life.
Maybe this would be a good time to continue rereading the Inuyasha mangas at, http://www.wot-club.org.uk/Inuyasha/, I lost my place a little while ago and I would like to read as many of the mangas for free as possible.
Over all its has been a slow day, I had to drag my self out of bed at about 8:30 or 8:40. that is the last time that I stay up to watch Case Closed, then I checked something’s online and went back to bed thinking that I would have time to rest a little before class. I ended up falling asleep and having a dream with a false ending, that was so annoying, and I had a very interesting time getting myself out of bed after that. Than I finally got to class, I was late and I wasn’t able to concentrate and second period was even worse. after class I picked up meal exchange and went back to my dorm room, then I picked up a battery for the smoke alarm and a light bulb. Took care of some other things and showed a friend some pictures that I had printed after second period.
Now I think that I will surf the web aimlessly or check on some of the message boards that I am involed on, hopefully I will be able to do something else latter.