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October 20th, 2004

Its been a very long day, how long I might end up taping Inuyasha tonight instead of staying up to watch it real time.
I was so tired this morning that I couldn’t remember what day it was, I kept telling myself that I didn’t have class until 11:00 then it downed on me, it was Wednesday and I had a class at 9:00! Needless to say I missed class, I met with my teacher later and found out that I hadn’t missed anything impotent.
Then I took care of some other things and went to Mater and Life, I fell asleep during the lacer. And it was one that I have been looking foreword to! So I missed out on some cool stuff dealing with genetics and reproduction.
Right now my mind only seems to be good for playing mindless computer games, this isn’t good I have a test to marrow. I have to study!