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October 21st, 2004

I need a new thought!

Just when I thought that my thought was finally starting to get better, it starts acting up again! Midterms are coming up and I am thinking about skipping class and going state to Hendrix to get this looked at again, oh goodie.
I have a test to day, in Japanese Culture! Eeeeeeeeeeek! And I don’t have a note taker in Conservation! I can’t miss class to day, but I also want to find out what in the name of expletive deleted is wrong with my thought!
On a more positive note, yeastier day I finally finished putting up all of my anime related pictures, ok, ok so I printed all of them off the web. But they are so cool! I might even put some of them on my bedroom door at home, oh that’s going to go over real well with my mom and dad, Can you hear the sarcasm? Espeasaly sints I would like to put up at least one picture of Inuyasha in his crazy demon form, some how I don’t think that a picture like that would go over very well with my parents.
Well I have made up my mind I am going to be cutting class and going to Hendrix, well if nothing else I will have some extra time to study for the test in Japanese Culture and who knows I might aculy pass this one!
If I manage my time correctly I will have time to add a message boards for dummies section to Inuyasha’s Haven (http://com4.runboard.com/binuyashashaven). Most of the people who are interested in this web site are completely clueless, come on people power post and make other newbe mistakes! Pleas, I don’t care if you’re clueless. I am clueless about something’s to.
Well with all of that said I am going to Hendrix.
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