October 23rd, 2004


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Well first of all I misted Valley Con because I wasn’t able to get a ride. And secondly my dumb computer keeps crashing and I don’t have enough money to replace it. So I have been looking for a job with irish_brigid, so far we haven’t been able to find any thing that I am qualified to do.
This is going to make things very interesting for me sints I tend to spend a lot of time online doing one thing or another. I also have some information on my laptop that isn’t back up anywhere else, so gess what I am going to be doing tonight.
Then on top of everything else my laptop will not let me remove any of the spy-where that accumulated on it last night and this morning, take about annoying. Irish_briged end up coming over to my room and tried to help me fiter out what in the %@#% is wrong with it. So far we are both clueless.
And now for the fun part, I am planning on pricing laptops at some point tomorrow, oh that is going to be so much fun. I will be looking at laptops that are not going to crash as often as mine and I can’t afford any of them yet!
Well worse things have happened; I am just having a hard time thinking of them right now.
Plus I am going to be entering one of my pomes in an online contest, as if I am not already stressed out by the siguation with my laptop. Now I am going to be giving myself some extra stress to worry about.
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