October 27th, 2004


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Well my roommate found the Fruits Basket DVD, it turns out that she had it the howl time. This is such a relief, but I am glad that I contacted campus security. After all it could have been a real theft, but I ma glad that it wasn’t. After all I prefer to believe that I can trust most people, however I know that isn’t always the cass.

I ended up talking to someone form the 100% club about Measure 1 I haven’t done very much reading on it yet. But from what she said it sounded like Measure one isn’t only a gay and lesbian issue, she was able to present it as an attack on marriage in general. She even respected the fact that I don’t think that people of the same sex should be getting married. So I am going to be doing some research on this and find out what the church sais about marriage and other issues, that might or might not be connected to Measure 1, and find more information on Measure 1.

I also end up missing a class, because my back was killing me. I think that I will be investing in one of those back packs with wheels, so that I don’t have to lunge around something that seems to be filled with lead bricks.
Now lets see exactly how many things are on my wish list, that I will probably end up paying for? A new laptop, a new backpack, and a decent art program for my computer.
I am going to ask mom and dad for Inuyasha Affections That Transcend Time; I hope that the cover of the DVD doesn’t turn either of them off, or I could just ask my brother to get it for me, he would score some major points if he did.
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