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October 29th, 2004

Could My Life Get Any More Interesting?

Well this is shaping up to be a very interesting day, I have finally gotten a block of time to do some research for the English paper. There seems to be the most incredible amount of nothing on the petrachan poetry of Sir Philip Sidney, on Project Muse. My class mates and me are also suppose to be using something called J Store, but I can’t seem to find that. So far all that I have to work with is a book called: Petrarchan Love and the Continental
Renaissance, by Gordon Braden.

I was only able to find this book after talking to my teacher who is convinced that I will be able to find some information, using the resources that he has specified for writing this paper. At the moment I think that he is a few letters short of a book or something like that. The paper is do on Wednesday and I don’t know if I will be able to meet the dead line.

Then there is the poetry contest on the Scribes message board, I am pretty sure that the voting will be starting to marrow and I would like to read the works of the other poets and vote for the poem that I like beast, I just hope that I have time to do that.

Plus I met this absolutely gorgeous guy, we got to talking and as it turns out we both know a little about the Chinese Zodiac, well not very much but we where able to name most of the animals in it. He seemed like such a nice guy, the kind of guy that I wouldn’t mind dating. There is just one problem, not only is he already seeing someone but my beast friend has a crush on him. There is no way that I would ever let a guy come between the two of us, so I will just have to keep on looking. After all the campus is crawling with guys and most of the ones that I have meat so far seem nice. And besides I am in no hurry to start dating, I would prefer to finish collage first, find a job, and hopefully movie out of my mom and dads house. But you never know it might not happen in that order.

As for the rest of the day, I think that I am going to take a brake from research and work on one of my projects or maybe take a nap or something and who knows some of the online RPGs that I am involed in might start to pick up some speed to night.