October 31st, 2004


Halloween 2004

Its Halloween night and I have finally gotten around to doing my laundry, this is quite probably the worse time for me or anyone else to even think about doing that. At least if that person happens to live in a collage dormitory, like I do, and there is a hunted house in the basement crawling with little kids and their parents. Now don’t get me wrong I like kids, but it does make going to and from the laundry room very interesting. But on the up side they are all so cute, to night I have seen a dragon, Tinker Bell, a Power Ranger, and several others wonderful costumes. And here I am going around in my pajamas and shower shoes, well at least its Halloween because if anyone asks I am a lazy person well at least tonight.
I am hoping to find some good documentaries tonight hopefully something about ghosts or the origins of Halloween. And if I am very luck, maybe even a vampire or werewolf movie.
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