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November 3rd, 2004

I Need A Vacation

My room mate moved out to day and took the cable modem with her. So I will not be able to check on the boards at all tonight. So I have to meet with some one in the housing department to reset my password for the voce mail and or terminate the voce mail all to gather. Yes I am very peeved!
Plus I accidentally turned off the power strip that my TV is plugged into erasing all of the information that was programmed into it for this weekend!
And on top of everything else the room is a mess and the schools dialup isn’t worth a thing, it kikes you off after two howrs! And my dumb computer keeps crashing! I don’t have enough money to replace it yet!
Well if nothing else I would like to work on the world for a story that I am hopping to write, but why on earth did all of this have to happen on the day that I actually remembered to take my medication?

I just wish that I know, oh well I have a friend who has internet access, it’s not exactly what I would call decent but she has internet access. I think that I nice hot shower might be an order tonight now if only I could find my Rod Stewart CD, I probably left that at home.