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November 4th, 2004

I Can’t What For Sunday Night.

Well this is it from now on I am going to be taping Case Closed every single night, unless there is no school in the morning. I can usually get away with staying up to watch Inuyasha reruns on week nights, but if I stay up any latter then that I tend to be dead in the morning.
I think that I might be going in to Gerontology, starting next semester and I might be not be miring in English unless I can find some very good English professors. And an remedial adult English class to take over the summer brake.
My room mate moved out yester day so now I have my own room, I was a little bummed at first. But when everything is said and done I do like having my own space. Besides now I might actually get some work done on Eldra and other projects of mine, more on them latter.
All of the message boards that I am involved on seem to have slowed down significantly, this couldn’t have had better timing finales are coming up so I am going to be very, very busy.
I am still looking for a job and thinking about doing some kind of work at a nursing home over the summer brake, probably one weekends sints I will probably end up doing volunteer work. I will also need a real job so that I can start saving up for a new laptop, mine seems to be crashing every time that I try to turn it off and that is starting to get on my nerves.