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November 8th, 2004

I when home on to work on my English paper, but before I even got home my laptop landed in intensive care at Beast Buy. To make a long story short I had to work with mom and dads computer that kept crashing every fifteen minuets or so. And by the time that I finally got my laptop back I found out that the brilliant maladroit who fixed my computer failed to reinstall microscope works making things very interesting for me, as an active online message board gamer.

On a happier note I was able to see the Garfield Movie and Razing Helen. I didn't particularly like Razing Helen, but I loved the Garfield Movie. The Garfield Movie showed the funny fat cat that I remember from the 1980's thought the 1990's and the early 2000's, In other words I was very impressed by it and recommend the movie to my friends and anyone else who wants to see Garfield at his beast.

I finally got to see the first episode of Full Metal Alcamist today and I loved it, it was so funny and witty. I also saw the first episode of Ghost In The Shell, I wasn't impress by it. That probably had something to do with the dark mood that the animators and director used, not to mention the cold atmosphere that they used.

After being deprived of some of my favorite places on the net, I spent the beater part of the day some how managing to get though class and check the boards and am I ever involved on a lot of boards, perhaps to many. But I mostly go to different boards for the purposes of gaming and attempting to teach others the art of gaming. Yes I am that stubborn. Surten kinds of gaming, like one or two posts and incredible vagueness drives me batty. Some times short posts are necessary but I have seen them used and over used.

and to make everything even more interesting I am back on the schools pain in the neck dial up connection that is slower then a snail and twice as lazy as a sloth. I mean is it too much to want to get on and off line quickly? Apparently it's I was so spoiled during the first part of the semester, my room mate and I where using cable internet. I absolutely loved it all that I had to do was get online maybe play with the connection a little and bingo it was clear sailing from there. Well those days are gone, until I go home for Thanks Giving back. And I have to compete with several other girls to use the computer lounge in the dormitory. This is so annoying, I probably will not be able to down lode AMI again any time soon.

So I will have to what a while before I can have convos with friends and cheach up with people. Plus I also want to down lode some virus protection sopht where and ad-aware and spybot search and destroy. Well at least I am still able to access other computers on campus.

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