November 15th, 2004


I Believe In Miracles

I ran in to my crush of two years today! I was so surprised and happy to see him! He is still going to school here I told him which dorm and room that I am in and told him that he can call me any time! I am so happy!
I thought that I would never see him again and there he was, I wish that I wasn’t on my way to class.
I asked him if he would like to go out and do something some time and he asked me what I had in mind I told him that I hadn’t given it much though, but that he could call me any time.
It was so good to see him again and talk even if it wasn’t for very long, so tonight I will not be online in my room. I will be sitting by the phone doing my homework hoping that he will drop me a line. I know this sounds a little pathetic, but I am trying to figer out how I feel about him now and this is the beast thing that I can think of.
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