November 16th, 2004


Fushigu Yugi quiz!

And here is today’s entry, I know it’s a little late and all but check this out this is the Fushigi Yugi. Character that I am the most similar to, at least according to this quiz.

You are Blaise. A 100% pyro, you love to look at
the flames, and sometimes bathe yourself in
them. You Despise one of your comrades, and
rejoice over the fact that he cannot truly die,
so you can kill him as many times as you like.
Your heart is closed, allowing only
one...possibly two people inside. You are not
an easy person to talk to because you end up
scaring most people away with your cold and
insane personality. Your element is the flame
(no duh!) and you can speak any language and
transform into a phionex.
If you had a personality disorder, it would be
Insanity, because you love the fire and you can
burst out into fits of rage, venting your anger
on other people. Overall, you are insane and
you make me wet my pants whenever you come near
me (and others as well), and you know it

If you were a story character, what would your personality be like?
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