November 20th, 2004



Slayers Try
Sometimes you think that humans have it all wrong,
huh? Sometimes, you wish we could all start
over from stratch, and have no race/gender/age
issues, and just be happy people. Sometimes
the reality of this world gets you down. But
your family will be there for you in the end,
and the few friends you allow close will help
you see the world for what it can be. Be
careful your need for perfection doesn't turn
dangerous. You could become bitter, and
vengeful, and you know, that's just not cool.
If you can overcome the temptation to do evil,
you can be a wonderful person--giving, loving,
and tender. Go you, Slayers Try!

Which Anime Series Are You?
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You are the Prietess- You have a strong sense for when something is wrong and a strong spiritual power. You are learing to fight demons and you meditate. You like to be left alone and y
You are the Prietess- You have a strong sense for
when something is wrong and a strong spiritual
power. You are learning to fight demons and you
meditate using your element water. You like to
b eleft alone and your usually keep to
yourself, unless you ask advice from your

What anime girl resides in you?
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You have turquoise hair. You are very creative and
free-spirited. You are incredibly unique, and
never seem to like the same thing as the next
person. You often spot new trends before anyone
else does, but whether or not you follow is
entirely up to you.

What is your inner anime hair color?
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You are a master of the KaMeHaMeHa Wave! Good for

Anime Power Quiz
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Tamahome and Miaka! (from "Fushigi Yugi")

Who is your ideal anime couple?
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Ok this was definitely influenced by my personality and the fact that I have just gotten up to chapter 3 in Fushigi Yugi and I love the relation ship between these two!

Buisness. You are a determined and logical person.
You prefer to wear something comfortable yet
stylish but something that won't get in the way
while you work. You aim extremely high but
don't give up on your dreams because you can
achieve every one of them.

What influences your style? (Anime pictures)
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I am not sure about this one, but who knows after all these tests are just for fun.
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I started reading Fushigi Yugi yesterday and I love it! It’s even better then the anime! And now to whate for the traditional Barns & Noble gift certificate and to save as much money as I possibility can, why do manga’s that I have come across so far have to be so good and so expensive?

On another note I think that the play that I am reading for Major British Writers might kill me. For one thing it makes absolutely no cents and its about patriarchy, I can already feel my poor brain cells dieing on me. Must read Fushigi Yugi, must game, must do something that makes sents to me.
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