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November 23rd, 2004

Only In America?

Thanksgiving, the American holiday devoted to food at least that is how it is at my house and the homes of most of if not all of my relatives. I know that the holiday probably was probably more significant to the pilgrims all of those years ago. But now it seems like no mater where you look whether it be the comic strips in the paper or the kitchen the focus is on having a turkey and other kinds food that you normally don’t have, like pumpkin pie.
It does strike me as being a very strange holiday, especially when it’s compared with Christmas and the 4th of July. And I was born and raised in the USA. Oh well maybe its just the way that my mind works, having dyslexia has some disadvantages along with some rather unexpected advantages.
About the only good thing about this holiday is that it gives me an excuse to get off campus for about a week and spend time with my family. But I am not expecting to see very much of my younger brother, apparently he is either spending part of Thanksgiving or Christmas with my ant, uncle, and cousin in Mexico. I don’t envy him, now if it was Australia, Africa, or maybe even Japan, then it would be a different story.
And of chores I have the traditional vacation homework, thankfully this time it will not
consume the vacation and sints I will probably not have a reliable internet connection I plan on working on one of my story ideas reading Fruits Basket and getting some other things done or at leas started.