November 24th, 2004


It’s a bird! It’s a plain! it’s The Incredible!

For ones I am thanking some one for going behind my back and buying movie tickets, my little brother is a genius! Now all that I have to do is tell him about the Disney Boycott. Which is exactly why the Increasable and the sound track for Brother Baer will not be on my Christmas wish list.
This move has it all: Fire, Explosions, Family Problems and so much more! Even a psychotic villain!
Seeing it was like watching a live action comic book! Who ever wrought the script probably read a lot the older comic books as a kid and still has them stashed away some where.
Either way I highly recommend this movie!

I am finally starting to work on one of my books! And this one actually has a plot! Well ok the plot is still under construction but at least I have a vague out line typed up!Oh I can’t what to show mom and dad!
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