January 12th, 2005


Day 2

Ep! I have only been back in school for two days and it already seems like I am falling behind.
I will explain, yesterday one of my teachers gave a test on the first day! Oh what I wouldn’t have given for super speed, cheating isn’t in my natcher (sp), however I might have considered it just to relive the excessive stress. I mean who in their right mind gives a test like that on day one, apparently MSUM sociology department. When that was over my brain was only good for one thing, online gaming, so I lost voluble time that could have gone into studding. So now after I rejuvenate my brain cells its back to the grind stone, Inuyasha and sleep.
Up until now I didn’t realize exactly how much I misted joiner high and high school. Sure I had to work hard and math class was still a pain and an anoints, but at lest my teachers didn’t seem to be part of some conspiracy theory to drain the brains of their students with to much homework and not enough free time.
What is going to make things very interesting is that I am already involved in two organizations on campus and thinking about joining two more, the main reason that I might be joining one is because of a cute guy. Ok maybe I have lost my marbles, oh look there is one now.
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