January 26th, 2005



Take the quiz: "Which InuYasha Character are You?"

You worry constantly and you're often confused, but you're all-around good.

Take the quiz: "What Trigun Character are you?"

Even though Vash has a reputation for being insanely destructive, his personality is actually the opposite of that reputation. He shrinks from harming anything that lives, and he only fires off his gun to prevent injury to others. He believes that theres always a way to save everyone, no matter how evil they may seem. :D

Take the quiz: "which gothic creature are you?"

You are a Werewloves the hairy scary type that hwol when they see the full moon but its not your fault if you hurt people you just dont know what your doing you hate this curse and wish to be dead . In daytime you are a happy normal person but at night your deamons apper and you get all beast like fum heh.

Take the quiz: "What Hogwarts House would you be in?"

True and paitent- hufflepuffs and kind to others and share similarities. You are very sensitive with your feelings and like to always help other people the best that you can in a time of need.

Take the quiz: "Which Marauder are you destined for? and why?"

Remus Lupin
He loves you because your diffrent just like him, you don't care what other believe. You'd stand up for him and by him no matter what. He loves everything about you. Especially your smile

Take the quiz: "Which Middle Earthian race should you belong to?"

Joyful little creatures, they are as the youngest children of middle eart!
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