February 15th, 2005



Last night I went to a christen bible study on campus; I will admit that I didn’t get very much out of it. One of the girls thinks that everything that is true is in the bible, and that there are no other references that can be used. So when I told her that I believe in heaven, hell, and purgatory she asked me where purgatory was mentioned in the bible. as fare a I know purgatory isn’t mentioned in the bible in fact if I remember correctly the teachings on purgatory have something to do with Mary’s appearance at Fatima. I will be asking some one about that before the next meeting.
The main and purity much the only reason that I plan on going back next time is because of a very particular guy, yes I have moved on and found someone new. I just hope that I wasn’t to forward yeastier day, I kept playing with my hair and I hadn’t removed my fingernail polish yet (ok so it’s still on, because I don’t have any remover). This guy strikes me as being very kind and sweet, he also has some religion in his life, and as an added bonus he is so cute.
the thing is that if I am going to attempt to get to know him better I have to go to the bile study once a week, my internal clock will be counting the seconds, I just hope that I don’t go even more insane in the process. I just wish that he was a student here so that I could see him more often out side of the bible study.
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