March 5th, 2005


What Am I Going To Do With This!

I have done it again; I have a sean, but no plot and no idea as two where its going. Worked of all I don’t have much time to work on any projects like this. Anyway this is what I have so far.

Zora, Peony, and Zeth made there way into a small room, with large bookshelf, a bookstand, a small table with a dip in the middle containing a large green orb, and a cabinet containing all manner of magical things.

Zeth snapped his fingers producing a white flame, which he used to light the torches. After illuminating the room Zeth moved towards the bookshelf and removed a blue book and placed it on the bookstand opining it to a spell used for summoning dragons and other beings. Zora took a bag of black ponder out of her robes and pored the prouder out in a perfect circle around the bookstand.

Peony “Your sure this is a good idea, what if master Nicodemus finds out!”

Zora “Master wont find out, besides we are only summoning butterflies, not dragons, griffins, or anything else ”

Zeth “Besides everything is ready, except…”

Peony “Fine.”

Peony took some red stones out of her robes and placed one of them in each of the four directions, and then Zeth started to chant. The red stones started to glow and the black powder ignited and burnt brilliantly for a moment, before going out. The red stones came together as one and rolled over to Peony

Zeth “This is it! Just put your hands on it and say the words”

Peony put her hands on the red orb and said some words; a red light shot off or the orb and dangled in the air for a moment, before truing into what looked like a large black butterfly.

Zora “What did I tell you.”

The butterfly like being turned and reelected a black light from its eyes vaporizing Peony.

Zeth and Zora together “PEONY!”

Zeth sent a powerful red flam at the butterfly like being, the butterfly like being vanished in a puff of black smoke.

Nicodemus though the door open just in time to see Zeth attack the butterfly like being.


Zeth and Zora looked at their master with tears in there eyes unable to speak. Peony’s red orb rolled up to Nicodemus he stopped and picked it up.

Nicodemus “Peony.”

Kathleen J. Storm
© March 5, 2005
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