March 9th, 2005


That's Life

The parking tickets aren’t mine, they are my mothers. Now I just have to call her and explain the situation.
On another note my eyes are driving me crazy and I don’t feel particularly motivated, right now the only thing that is keeping me going is the knowledge that Scorch Con is on April 9 or is it the 19th.
In Major British Writers II, I was present in body but my mind wasn’t all there. Academic Success was even worse, probably because today the class felt like a complete waste of time. I would have preferred to work on the poem that I started before class, but that would have been a very bad idea. I am trying to get off academic probation so that I don’t get suspended for a semester or worse a year.
I just wish that I had time to go out to Barns & Noble or the mall or something, anything just as long as I wasn’t on campus.
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