March 14th, 2005


Fruits Basket!

I have finally gotten my hands on volumes 2 and 3 of Fruits Basket, and my timing couldn’t have been worse. You see I was out shopping with my mom looking at clothing and art supplies for most of the morning; so when I found my way into B. Dolton I had one thing on my mind, manga.
Personally I don’t know what mom has against graphic novels (manga) after all the ones that I read are very interesting and filled with delightful characters and stories. But for some reason she don’t think that the stories are good for me, but how can she judge stories that she hasn’t read herself? Simple she can’t, it would be like me trying to criticize The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, a book that I do intend to read at some point.
So no mater what she thinks I am still going to read graphic novels and wed comics after all when the art work is just as good as the story I don’t want to short change myself.
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