March 17th, 2005


If This Is Life Then I Would Like A Temporary Vacation From It.

My mom has just accused me of stealing her Billy Joel CD! And when I told her that the CD that she was referring to was mine and on top of that a gift she told me that my siblings and I are all wet. Plus she seems convicted that on of my other CD’s also belongs to her! EP maybe I shouldn’t bring my CDs home?
In other news I still have to work on the paper for The Tragedy Of Mariam, and of cores mom has CDs cranked up on dad’s CD player up stares load enough so that I can hear them in the basement. She knows that I work beast when the house is quiet, or has she learned nothing in 22 years?
Anyway I should finish checking the message boards and the like and get to work; after all I would like to do something besides work tonight. Oh my poor neglected Fruits Basket, I must read them.
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    You Don’t Know Me (My Beast Friends Wending)