March 25th, 2005


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Sints I only have about two readers I have come to the concoction that this journal is more therapeutic than anything else. For one thing having it reminds me to write on an almost regular basis, for my own enjoyment and to give the few people who come here something to read.
Anyway this was a particularly slow day; I let myself sleep in until about 9 or 10:00, dragged myself out of bed and got ready for church. I all so took care of some things online and had rice crispy bar for breakfast, my little sister wasn’t imprested by any of that.
Then I went to church with my brother, he clams to be a Buddhist and yet he knows almost noting about Buddhism. Honestly I am so temped to do some research on Zen Buddhism and send him a detailed e-mail complete with links, but I have been praying for him to come back to the Catholic Church, so that would kind of defeat the peruse wouldn’t it.
Before Church I finally had a chants to talk to my best friend, and we probably could have sat together as well, if there wasn’t the possibility of my mom coming they don’t exactly get along very well if at all. Anyway my little sister got sick so mom wasn’t able to come, in this case it wasn’t a big deal after all we have been going to Church sints Holly Thursday and like I said my sister got sick.
Anyway sints this was the Good Friday mass we had veneration of the cross, normally this wouldn’t take very long how ever the church was jam packed so Church ran late. After words my brother and I head for home, so I had him alone for a few minuets and what does he do? He spent nearly the entire drive home on his cell phone! Honestly we only see each other during the end of my spring back, Christmas, Easter back, and Summer back and he was on his cell phone! I just wish that we could have talked a little, anyways now he is out and about with his friends. I don’t mind the fact that he has a more productive social life then I do but we are both in collage and don’t see each other very often.
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