April 12th, 2005


I My Me Strawberry Eggs

On the 9th I finally got to see I My Me Strawberry Eggs, at Scorch Con. This is one of the best animes that I have ever seen! Its about a young man who only wants to be a gym teacher however the principle at the local high school is convinced that men are not suited for teaching jobs. So this poor young man along with the help of his land lady set out to prove the principle wrong, by discussing the young man as a women.
While most of the humor in this anime comes from watching the land lady thwart her other tenancies, who are hopeless perverts that enjoy taking pictures of the girls at the high school, over all the story is much deeper then that. It looks at the idea that men are just as good as women when it comes to being kind and sensitive.
The anime also covers the difficulties that the young man has in pulling off his double life as a man and a women. There is one sean where the poor man has to sleep with one of his female students in order to help her sleep, this is a very uncomputable sean for him after all he isn’t a pervert. Some how he manages to get though this and when he is a women his female students can’t seem to get enough of him, how ever when he is a man they don’t wont anything to do with him.
So far I have only seen four or five episodes and can’t what to see the rest of them, sadly there are only thirteen episodes and as far as I can tell I My Me Strawberry Eggs isn’t based on a manga, rats. I am half tempted to buy this one however I think I will try putting it on my chrisms wish list and hope for the best.

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