April 19th, 2005


The Walls Are Clossing In On Me

To day I got up and went to class only to learn that some one had the nerve to steal my teachers bick, he has had this bick for about 11 years and uses it to comut to and from school. This explains why he was much latter then usual. But who would do that especially to a teacher! I mean he is one of the niced people that your ever going to meet, he is willing to make time for his students and he seems to understand when some one feels over whelmed or unsher about some thing.
Now on to my life, I have to present a general treatment strategy or GTS on the 21 and I haven’t started working on it yet. The only good news is that it should be farley easy to put it together. And sints I am going home tomorrow anyway I should have a nice quiet place to work on it, meaning that I will not have to put up with the bally ball games out side of my window on the 20th.
Other then all of that I am both mentaly and phisicaly wearn out, so all that I plan on doing tonight is some resurch for the GTS and the reading asinment for Majer British writters II.
I can't what for this year to end, I just hope that my family don't give me to much greaf about my diseion to take a year off from collage, live at home, and get a job.
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