April 24th, 2005


Mom’s bright Idea And Other Things

In a few years when my little sitter graduates from high school, mom wants to build a house in Moorhead, Minnesota. This house would have a loft apartment above the garage for me to live in. personally I don’t think this is the best idea that mom has ever had. It is true that I don’t have all of the skills that are required for having my own place; I am hoping to develop these skills over summer brake and the year that I am not in collage.

Mom had the nerve to pat me on the tummy and say, “That’s all you.” once again insinuating that I am fat! Now I know why my poor 12 year old sister was driven into an eating disorder, well there is more to it then that but trust me when your mother is obsessed with dieting it can make things very hard to come home at times. Anyway mom has a trendy to comment on my what every time that I come home, it’s a small wonder that I am not anorexic like my little sitter.

On of my goals when I am not attending collage I hope to resave job tanning and find work some where in the Fargo Moorhead area. I am also hoping to replace my laptop as soon as possible, because I am hoping to not only hold down a steady job but also do some writing on the side and maybe get something published.
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