May 2nd, 2005


My Life With Technology!

My poor baby has a virus or maybe viruses. The baby that I am referring to is my computer. This virus or what ever it is coses my computer screen to turn black when I am on line, and then there is the blue screen that comes up some times the hole thing is very annoying.
I was going to price computers to day but I got buisy, so mom is taking my out on Wednesday so I can start pricing computers and virus protection software. There are a few advantages to going out wit her for one thing I will not have to sit on the bus almost all day and I might get to use my gift certificates. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The gift certificates mom isn’t going to like it when I use one to get volumes 4 – 5 of Fruits Basket at Barns & Noble or when the other one might be used to get Princess Monanoka (sp) on the other hand I have been wanting a Counting Crows CD for a while now, maybe that can be the compromise?
This couldn’t happen at a worse time I have an idea in progress for fixing an Anime and Manga sires that is near death. It still has a lot of bugs in it, but I shall prevail.
So far what I have is the ruff out line of the back story, it has something to do with a gold ring set with a ruby that was cut off of someone’s hand after he was executed; the ring is the key to finding a treasher of some kind.
Yes there will be people looking for the treasher, yes there are some references to One Piece. But only because that is the anime and manga series that I am operating on and no I don’t plan on using pirates in the story, so now I have to figer out who the treash hunters are and if they are working with in the law or not, oh the joys of writing.
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