May 6th, 2005


My Long Day

10:00 mom calls and wakes me up in the middle of a very wired Yu-Gi-Yo dream; she went on about how she doesn’t want me to fail in collage and some of the things that I have to do.
Then I went back to bed only to be woken up around about 1:00 by a friend of mine who works in disabilities services here on campus, I shejewel a test with her and returned some books on tape and CD.
Then off to lunch at 2:00, after that I had to meet with a counselor after words I got on the bus with visions of Fruits Basket in my head. So far every thing was going well I got off the bus at West Acers and walked to Target hoping to find Princes Monanoka (sp) or Spirited Away, when I didn’t find them I walked to Barns& Noble there I got volumes 4 and 5 of Fruits Basket then back to West Acers where I got volumes 7 and 8.
Form West Acers I took the bus to the MTA where I fond out that the bus I needed to get back to campus wasn’t running tonight, I was scared out of my mind. The one night that I chose to take myself shopping and my family had to be out of town getting my brother who lives at St. Johns University. On top of that if one of the other bus drivers had given me a ride they would have lost their jobs, thankfully I was able to get the number to get a cab but Who new that those last two managa would save my sanity and pay for the cab that brought me back to campus?
So managa have saved my sanity especially when my favorite character is Kyo, aka anger management boy. This is on of those stories that I will gladly tell mom when I am 40 years old or so.
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