May 10th, 2005



Its almost the last day of school and I am not looking forward to going home for the summer. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and all, its just that when it comes to communication my family gets a C – . I would give my family a D but that would be over doing it.
Well at least going home isn’t going to be the end of the world; I am going to be doing some things though social work and am looking for word to it. Plus my brother will also be home from collage and my little sitter will also be home. I am also looking forward to getting a job and saving money for a new laptop.
However I am going to miss having access to cable TV. No Inuyasha, no overly sappy Trigun, and I will also be deprived of all of the decent animes )-: Puls how will I get my hands on volumes 8 – 18 of Fruits Basket and what if there are more volumes to come?
Well if that is the worst of it then I will be able to live.
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