May 13th, 2005


Movie day and other things

I moved back into my room at home yesterday, thank goodness it is no longer being used as a storig space, but the reminets of those days are still around. But now its a mess, belive me its not a good idea to try to unpack everything on the same day and expect everything to go well.
Well I have a very intressting problme today, for one thing The Muppet Wizard Of OZ is on tonight and StarWars Epasod III is opaning today. Well one way or another things are going to work out for the beast.
My own mother sunck low enuff to tell me that there was a virus on the familys cumputer where there isn't one so now I can only use this thing for sending e-mail talk about a pain in the neack, but it could be a lot worce and yet they still seem to think that I am the one who is bring in the viruses, yes I am the scapgote.

PS, for all of my readers, I know the spelling stinks but the word prosesser on this cumputer has expired so pleas bare with me this one time.

Tank You
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