May 15th, 2005


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My day started at about 6:00 when my alarm whent off, I proseaded to hit the snoze buten severl times. Finaly mom draged me out of bed for chirch. On the way to chirch mom told me to take the little red table out of my room, at the time I wasn't particularily thriled with this idea but inorder to keep the peace at home I moved my TV onto my desk and took the red table down stars.
Soon after that we had brunch, of cores dad wasn't there when the reast of us ate but he did come latter on. Mom wanted me to clean her bathroom while I was trying to relaz and lison to the sound tract for The Phantom Of The Opra, i new that she wanted me to clean her bathroom becasue she shuved the windex and other cleaning suplies into my arms. Its so anoying when she dose things like that. I ended up lisoning to most of the CD in momes bathroom
Then when I was feeling very well mom told me to mow the lawn, I tryed to tell her that I wasn't feeling so grate but I don't think she was lisoning. In the end I ended up mowing the lawn, mostly becasue she had rented The Phantom Of The Opra for me. I had wanted to see The Phantom Of The Opra for years, sints I was first intordused to the Opra on Wish Bone. The Opra wasn't a disapontment, it was wonderful and the music was originaly composed by Anndrew Loude (sp) Weber, a musition that I like a lot.
Any way mom has desided that its not worth cleaning off my laptop anymore and I agree with her this time, after all with any luck I will be able to save up enuff money for a new laptop between this summer and the time that I would normaly be in school. I also paln on geting some kikke ass virus protection, this might mean holding down more then one job but right now I don't care. I just want a computer that isn't slowly falling apart. On the up side my laptop still makes a good word proceser so its not cumpleatly useless, I just wish that I could use it to get on line.

I know my spelling needs work, but just bare with me for a while, this ding bat cummputer doesen't have a floppy drive so I can't tipe my entrys on my laptop a head of time.
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