May 19th, 2005


A Job?

Well this is it, to day at about 2:00 I am going to be calling The Presintation Sissters again and with any luck I will be able to talk to Sisster Gourge Anna about possable job opanings at the convent or at River Veiw Place.
At the moment I don't really care where I ended up working just as long as I can get out of the house for a few howrs every day and start razing the money to replas my pease of junk laptop wich is basical good for nothing at this point in time.
On another note, if this dark dreary weather don't stop with in a week or so I might go absolutly nuts! Honistaly I would like to go for a long walk with out wondring if its going to rain or getting rained on. But after living in the midd western United States all of my life; I gess I should be gratfull that we don't have a monsune seison this far inland, after all what is a little rain?
Besides come rain or shine I am going to see StarWars Epasod III Revenge OF The Sith. Now if only I was at the library so that I could not only update my live jarnal but also take a nifty StarWars test. by now some souper fans have probably made a test for epasode III, after all this movie was only just relised at midnight yeasterday.
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