May 21st, 2005


The End Of An Era

StarWars started back in the 1970’s with the release of StarWars A New Hope, this movie would be followed by StarWars The Empire Srikes Back and The Return Of The Jedi.These first three moves dazzled a generation and brought them out of the dark days of the anti-hero, with the introduction of Darth Vader.
While they also told the story of Luke and Lea (sp) Skywalker, and the fight to free the galaxy from the control of the Sith.
Now almost 50 years after the original trilogy was reelected faithful fans and young people who are new to StarWars are faithfully lining up out side of theaters, having light saber battles before the new installments in the StarWars series, and exposing their children and grandchildren to a phenomenon that will not go quietly into the night.
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