May 29th, 2005


Incense, Candle Wax, and Glade Plugging

My earliest memory of air fresheners started right here in Fargo, ND in the early to late 90’s. you see before this mom’s answer to a nasty smell in the house was to open a window or else she used something less notables bistros glade plugging, that sticks right out of the wall editing nauseating fumes that permeate the air.
Ok so I am exaggerating a lot, I can’t actually smell the glade plugging, but I really don’t like them and that goes for air fresheners in general. So you can imagine how much I enjoyed it when mom would bring me air fresheners to use in the dormitory. Finally I just snapped and dipped into my manga fund and bought a device that milts candle wax, which I absolutely love.
Fast forward to the end of the school year my mom is still using glade plugging and my younger brother has discovered incenses. Needless to say my family will dealing with the clashing cents all summer. This is going to make life very interesting; not only because I like it when my candle wax reaches an intoxicating level so that it seems like I am breathing it in, but because my brothers incants tends to reach that level from the moment that it starts to burn.
Now there are only two people in the house, my dad and little sister, who haven’t picked a sent of their chose to add to the house. My sister will probably find something when she goes off to collage, as for my dad I can see him filling the house with the smell of fresh pine needles or opening a window.
My mom also seems to have this thing about not opening windows very often, instead she tends to relay on the air conditioner. This isn’t always a bad thing, like on days when its raining our, or there is a chants of a thunderstorm, hail, or some other cataclysmic disaster. But no, she always seems to have the air conditioner on, supplemented by the multiple glade pudginess that are stationed in practically every room in the house!
I could rant about this for days on end, exaggerating here and there and maybe even coming up with some strange new ways of freshening a house, but for now I am just going to leave it at this.

Scented dog tags:
They cover up that wet dog smell like nothing else; perfuming your dog with your chose of lavender, incants, peppermint, rosemary and an array of other scents
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