May 31st, 2005


The Anti-Hero

I Know that one of the oldest, if not the oldest, peace of literate Beowulf. Clearly shows us a true hero. However some where down the line humanity slipped and seemed to forget about the grate literary hero’s like Beowulf and Gilgamesh.
This resolted in a new area in litracher, the area of the anti-hero. The “anti-hero is a central or supporting character that has some of the personality flaws and ultimate fortune traditionally assigned to villains but nonetheless also has enough heroic qualities or intentions to gain the sympathy of readers or viewers.” (Winkpedia: The Free Encyclopedia If this sounds depressing to you I would like you to know that your not alone, I find this very depressing myself.
Now image growing up in an area with out hero’s. Well this actually happened, people got so use to the literary tradition of the anti-hero that they forgot what real hero’s where like, in movies and literate. Then along comes Guru Luckiest, he presented a generation with images of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. When people first saw this movie they new that Darth Vader was the villain, they didn’t know why because they had been brought up with the anti-hero. And who knows if they recognized Luke Skywalker as a hero right away, but he was clearly different from Darth Vader.
Anyway I started thinking about this after reading 'Little Claus and Big Claus’ this morning. it’s the story of a poor man called Little Claus and a rich man called Big Claus. In the story Big Claus lets Little Claus uses his horses in exchange of the use of the one horse that belongs to Little Clause. But Little Claus is in the habit of acting like all of the horses belong to him. Needless to say Big Claus don’t like this at all, and in protest he kills Little Clauses horse. Little Claus then goes about tricking a man into buying his dead horse hided, for a large some of money, claming that it’s a wizard (I would go into the details except I don’t want to go up stares for my book)
Anyway this leads Big Close to kill all of his horses and attempt to sell their hides for the same price that Little Close got for one hide (Big Close isn’t exactly bright). Big Close isn’t about to get nearly as much money as Little Close was and Big Close decides to kill Little Close. However every time that Big Close treys to Kill Little Close, Little Close finds some way of out whiting him. And in the end it’s Big Close who dies. If you want to know more read the story, if nothing else you will get an idea of how Han’s Christen Anderson used the anti-hero in his stories.
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