June 4th, 2005


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To day I finished reading the prolog to The Sister Hood Of The Traveling Pants, and part of the first chapter. So far this book has done terrible things to my faith in books that my younger sister and mom like. Not to say its all bad, the prolog was artful written and seemed to hint at the author having faith in the ability of the reader, then the book starts to slide down hill. I will probably end up finishing the book just so that I can criticize it and know what I am talking about.

But honestly Clifford The Big Red Dog, Curios Gorge and several other books written for small children are more enjoyable then this. Maybe its because these books where written by men and women who understood the capabilities of their readers. That show don’t tell is the best policy and also that the reader don’t always want to know what is going on in the minds of all of the characters. These writers also understood the importance of providing rich imagery for their readers, even if it was in the form of illustration.

Needless to say I am very disappointed with The Sister Hood Of The Traveling Pants, smack the author across the face and point out that even though I do care about how the pants fit each of the girls, I care even more about the setting and details about the girls besides their body types. Honestly it seemed like things where appearing out of now where though out the first chapter, like the music they where lessoning to ( you don’t even hear about it until about page 3 or 4 or maybe a little later then that.) There is also a mirror in the room that seems to appear from out of no where.

Other then wasting some of my voluble time on this book, I also spent most of the day laying in bed lessoning to public radio. Thankfully they actually play interesting programs on Fridays, some of which include music that I normally wouldn’t hear in Fargo Moorhead. There is also one of my favorite programs, This American Life, this time around one of the monologs was being done by a women who had participated in a Bible study and came to the conclusion that at times God was bipolar. Personally I think that she failed to understand what was going on in the Bible.And instead of getting an image of a caring Jesus, she saw Jesus as being short tempered and angry. Come on women, first of all everyone is like this some times.

Then I ended up watching a gardening show and eves dropping on part of a conversation between my mom and day. I know I shouldn’t eves drop half as much as I do, but everyone in my family seems to take so loudly or else they have their conversations in places where its easy to hear them from my bed room.

Then I finally came down stars and not for bedfast or a snack, I only meant to check my e-mail for a second time. However mom had already asked me to type up some things for her, so I had to do that first. In a word it was horrifying! I was retyping documents by someone even more grammatically challenged them me! Commas where being abused in ways that I had never though of. Words where missing or added in the most in inappropriate places and the senesces eater went on forever or where broken off in inappropriate as well. Thankfully I didn’t suffer a heart attack or stork well typing it, but knowing that these forms where typed by someone older then me is just sickening.

I will probably spend my time after dinner up stares watching The Dead Poets Society or something. I failed to mention that I am still recovering from a cold, other wise my day might have been more productive. I just wish that it wasn’t raining again, because I know that this time the lawn will really have to be mowed and chases are I will be the one to get stuck with that job.
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