June 6th, 2005


The War That Will Not End!

No I am not talking about the mess in the Middle East, this is something much deferent. This is the war that my thought seems to be waging against my sanity, I like to talk. Right now that’s practically imposable because I have to rest my thought.
Mom keeps asking me if I want to go Shopping with her or hang out at barns & Noble. Normally I would love to go to Barns & Noble and read manga for free. But what part of I AM SICK doesn’t she understand!I don’t want to give my germs to any more people then I have to well I recover. And right now my idea of a good time is watching a movie in my room or reading a book, also in my room.
Then there is my brother. the idiot keeps spending time allow with this girl that one of his friends likes! you would have to be deaf, dumb, and blinded not to see that she likes my brother!I meet her for the first time yeastier day night and would have no problem with them dating, if my brother had feelings for her and also if one of my brothers friends didn’t like her. Oh some times I wonder if my brother even knows what he is getting into.
But at least he has been on a date, I am 23 years old and have only been on one date. But to me it was just two friends going out with a group of people. It didn’t hit me until after the fact that I had been on a date.
Well I am off, and now I have to decided between reading a book that makes me angry, a book of mythology and or legends, or a movie. I think I will go with a movie, its been a while since I have seen The Dead Poets Society.
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