June 9th, 2005


I Need A Job!

I think I know why my sleep patterns have been so messed up this summer. Its because I have noting to look forward to or a job. So I end up sleeping until 10:50 or noon, no wonder I have such a hard time falling a sleep at night.

Today I spent the after noon at Barns & Noble with volume 8 of Fruits Basket and it was good. The only thing about this particular volume is that its very tiring, for one thing Yuki’s older brother plays a big roll and the year of the monkey is introduced. The monkey is just as violent with his apologies as his mother is.

While I was at Barns & Noble I also found about four other manga that I would like to get my hands on. Eeeeeeeeeeeek! I am trying to save money not spend it, but I would rather be a hopeless book worm then an couch potato. I also found some novels that look very interesting.I need a job so that I have money to pay for my hobbies and more importantly an apartment of my own, a new laptop would also be nice.

Mom and I have also been talking about possible job opportunities, right now it looks like I will be applying at a flower shop. Because of my allergies this might not be such a good idea, however I am good with cullers and with time I could work my way up to a position where that ability could shin.
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