June 11th, 2005


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Today the sky is dark and over cast, it has also been raining or sprinkling for most of the morning and afternoon. For the moment it has stopped raining however it will probably start raining again at any time.
With this in mind I spent most of my time reading from my book of Chinese Myths and Legends. The part of the book that I read is called Chapter X : The Goddess of Mercy.
Basically the king wants daughters, three boys are reincarnated as girls. Two girls obey their father and get married. The youngest decides not to marry seeks enlightenment though her Buddhist faith, with makes her father very upset with her. Youngest daughter is banished, sent to a nunnery, and all the while the idea is to get her to except what her father wants for her instead of what she wants for herself.
There is more to the story, however I don’t want to ruin in for potential readers. Not only because the story is well written, but also because it is one of the strangest and most wonderful myths or legends that I have ever had the plusher to read.
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