June 12th, 2005


Here Comes The Sun!

After numerous dark rainy days, the sun has finally come out! Of cores the grass had to be mowed again to day, but this time it was necessary. I have even learned a few tricks that make the job go a lot faster.
I also ended up doing some reading on Fushigi Yugi and got an idea of why the story ends up becoming deadly serious. Apparently something happens to Yui and because she feels betrayed by her former best friend she gets involved with the bad guys. Of cores I will not know exactly what is going on in the manga or anime until I am able to get a hold of them.
Then I had to deal with my imagination, I ended up writing two character profiles. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.Some times I just wish that my imagination would be quiet. For one thing I already have a very complicated world to figure out and a short story that I am also trying to figure out.
All that I can say is that I am pleased with the character profiles that I have so far, and that in developing the seedling idea connected with them I might get a better picture of the world.
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