June 15th, 2005


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I spent the day in Crookston Minnesota working around my grammas house and sitting in the car lessoning to KFGO. I am not a fan of KFGO and some times think that it leans to the extreme end of the liberal spectrum, but I put up with it because my mom likes it.
On the up side I took a day off from working on and revising character profiles. So far one of the characters looks like she would fit into a very twisted version of the Fushigi Yugi universe, at least that’s how it seems to me.
Eep this is what I get from reading manga and simultaneously going though anime with drawl. Just to show how cliché this seems, I am torn between having her either being related to the mane villain or an acrobat.
Of cores I still haven’t found a job, but if the sun is shinning tomorrow I am walking to the near by shops and restaurants and picking up application forms. Because I know that I will go absolutely stock raving mad if I don’t find some way of getting out of the house and doing something meaningful.
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